April 2011

"Don't get mad, get elected" Says Blogger Robert Cox Announcing Campaign for New Rochelle School Board in Wake of Death Threat by School District Employee

April 29, 2011 - 14:44

DeathThreat1Crusading hyper-local blogger Robert Cox has announced the launch of his campaign for a seat on the local school board. Just months after a death threat was painted on the side of a boat owned by an employee of the local school district in New Rochelle, NY, Cox filed a stack of signed petitions from voters including a number of prominent New Rochelle residents, among them current and former elected officials, school board members, community leaders, parents fed up with declining academic results and property owners fed up with ever increasing taxes.

"I figure 'Don't get mad, get elected'", said Cox about the death threat as he walked out of New Rochelle City Hall on Wednesday.

Exposés of the school district by Cox on his Talk of the Sound blog have become the bane of school officials determined to cover up problems in the district over the past several years.

2011.04.29 - WVOX program & Community Calendar Round-Up!

April 29, 2011 - 13:15

As always, Talk of the Sound radio will take to the airwaves in the normal slot: 11 am on WVOX 1460AM &

Today's program will be a little bit different with co-host Matthew Pryce sitting in for Talk of the Sound managing Editor Bob Cox. With Anthony Galleta in tow, the Talk of the Sound program will continue it's examination of any/all issues facing New Rochelle and run down the major stories of the week.

Stories we will be discussing today:

As always, we welcome your input to the program and will be taking calls at 914.636.0110.

Make your voice be heard!

Boat Fire at New Rochelle Marina

Submitted by eye on new roc on Fri, 04/29/2011 - 04:59

A boat caught fire at the New Rochelle Marina 22 Pelham road. The boat was dry docked at the marina when the owner saw smoke coming from the cabin area.People in the area grabbed a fire extinguisher and put in out before the fire department arrived on the scene. This is the second boat fire in a week at local marina's the first was this past week at a marina located on harbor lane in New Rochelle where three boats were damaged by fire. The cause in both fires are under investgation by the fire department.No one was injuried in either incident.

It Must be and Election Year. New Ro Radio - w/ Bruce Negrin - Tonight 8pm

April 28, 2011 - 13:50

New Rochelle News and Views Radio Program
w/ Bruce Negrin

Tonight 8 pm on WVOX 1460amd or

Tonight's Topics: It must be an election year

*A voice from the past Roberto Lopez speaks after 3 years of silence

*Barry Fertel proposes a Commuter Advisory Committee. Good Idea. But why wait until an election year?

*Is a "green" platform enough to get you relected?

*Redistricting (Insert your thoughts here)

* New slogans for the New Welcome Signs - New Ro, home to schools, churches, barber shops and delis.

*Go Green - Synchronize the Traffic Lights

The Door Opened...and Tradition Was Shared

April 28, 2011 - 04:02

Mrs. Green’s is a great place for lunch: home-cooked, organic and healthy.
The chef celebrates diversity too. For Passover, he cooked Tzimmis, Kogel and some other dishes that are traditional for the Seder. I have never heard of these dishes because I have never been to a Seder. It’s shameful. I attended a Jewish nursery school, grew up in Sullivan County, NY and have countless Jewish business associates and friends. Yet, I have never been invited to a Seder.
A Jewish lady next to me at the food counter explained the dishes.
“I’ll try it. I might like it…its Passover.” I said it with enough of a Yiddish accent to make her chuckle. I know, I know, making up accents can get one in trouble. But you gotta laugh sometimes.
So I told this dear lady of my plight.
So she says to me: Never been to a Seder? You gotta get invited. It’s wonderful!
At this point, I wanted to say I would be over at 5 for her family’s Seder, but my mom taught me to never invite myself to people’s houses. And besides, I didn’t even know the lady.

Westchester County District Attorney Sets May 10th Date to Convene Grand Jury in New Rochelle Public Works Investigation

April 27, 2011 - 22:14

NewRochelleSubpoenasThe Westchester County District Attorney will convene a grand jury Tuesday May 10th in White Plains to consider filing charges against employees of the City of New Rochelle and equipment and service vendors doing business with the City, Talk of the Sound has learned. The Public Integrity Division of the DA's office has been investigating the New Rochelle Department of Public Works, a probe which has expanded to the New Rochelle Parks & Recreation Department and the City's Finance Department.

Robert Cox Announces Run for New Rochelle Board of Education

April 25, 2011 - 22:09

Cox Boe1 TestI announced on my radio show on WVOX last Friday my intention to file papers this week to run for school board in New Rochelle. Over the weekend I began obtaining the required signatures and getting the necessary paperwork in order. The papers are due Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. but I will likely file sooner than that.

Once I file, I will explain more fully how it came to be that the most vocal critic of the New Rochelle Board of Education and the current administration opted to become a candidate for one of the two open seats but for now let me say that it had been my hope to find a candidate that was not selected by "insiders" and would advance my goals of increased transparency, accountability, equity, and excellence in the New Rochelle system. After looking long and hard and talking to over a dozen prospective candidates, all of whom ultimately opted not to run, it became clear that if no one stepped forward the available board seats would be filled by two candidates hand-picked by current board members with the goal of maintaining the status quo on the board. If all was well in the New Rochelle schools that might be acceptable but all is not well, as has been documented amply on Talk of the Sound over the past several years, and so more of the same is not only not acceptable but also intolerable. I came to realize that I had no choice but to step forward to present New Rochelle residents with a clear alternative to more of the same.

If you are satisfied with ever-increasing taxes then please vote for my opponents.

If you are satisfied with declining test scores and graduation rates then please vote for my opponents.

If you are satisfied with a system that allows criminals to work in our schools and come in direct contact with our children then, by all means, vote for my opponents.

If you are satisfied with classrooms overcrowded with children who do not live in New Rochelle vote for my opponents.

If you are willing to accept school budgets that purposely obfuscate the district's finances, school vehicles being misappropriated for private use, the willy-nilly paying out wages and overtime with no system in place to reliably clock workers in and out during the work day, or students enrolling in our schools from Yonkers, Mount Vernon and the Bronx then you most certainly want to vote for my opponents.

But if you had enough of the waste, fraud, and abuse then vote for me.

Will More Development Benefit New Rochelle?

April 25, 2011 - 18:51

In the April 21 Westchester Guardian

The new Development Commissioner in New Rochelle, Michael Freimuth, according to the April 4, 2011 issue of the Westchester County Business Journal, is planning a new strategy for development. The City would participate as a "public partner" especially by assembling properties needed for large scale development. Although Freimuth wants the North Avenue transit center to be the focal point for new development, Mayor Noam Bramson is calling for additional sites.
This new strategy came to light because Cappelli Enterprises is rethinking its LeCounnt Square proposal which was not granted an extension by City Council. Now Cappelli Enterprises is preparing a smaller plan for the site. This is the second developer that has asked for a downsizing. In February Forest City Residential asked and was granted a memorandum of agreement for a much smaller plan for development at the waterfront. Freimuth was asked a series of questions about his statements in the article. Here are the questions and his answers.

WVOX'S "Metal Mayhem" Show Features New York's Own "Sweet Cyanide" This Friday!

April 25, 2011 - 14:05

WVOX'S Metal Mayhem Show To Interview Sweet Cyanide This Friday.

New York City's favorite bastard sons will be Matt O'Shaughnessy's live guests this Friday, April 29th at 8:10pm exclusively on 1460 am and Sweet Cyanide spent the greater part of the last few years becoming a favorite opener of rock heavy hitters such as Bullet For My Valentine, Pop Evil, Extreme, Halestorm and Charm City Devils. In 2010, the band was featured on the main stage at The Sturgis Festival with Hinder, Three Doors Down and Alice In Chains. With their latest record - Sweet Cyanide 2 - featuring the smash track "Bad Jesus"...Sweet Cyanide remains as cynical, vicious and arrogant as ever.

This is a group to definitley watch for in the next few years...The music is hard-edged, balls-out with catchy hooks and great vocals...Sweet Cyanide will be a household name across the world I can guarantee you! says, Matt O'Shaughnessy.

Sweet Cyanide Live this Friday on 1460 am and!