May 2011

D’Onofrio Family Remembers Three New Rochelle Cousins Killed in World War II

May 31, 2011 - 15:37

DOnfrioCousinsMemorial2011 7Following the outbreak of World War II, three cousins from New Rochelle went to war, each a son of three brothers who immigrated to America from Italy. They never returned.

Peter F. D’Onofrio, Charles D'Onofrio and James J. D’Onofrio attended New Rochelle High School. They were athletic and involved in all manner of sports including baseball. Thirteen years after the end of the war, the City of New Rochelle, under the leadership of Mayor George A. Vergara, renamed the park in the South End of New Rochelle as D’Onofrio Park. Vergara, a former Notre Dame football player under Knute Rockne and teammate of the famed Four Horseman of Notre Dame, officially dedicated the park as D'Onofrio Memorial Park in 1959. The park is home to D'Onofrio Field, site of two baseball diamonds and the D'Onofrio Picnic Pavilion.

Machines in Library Lot hit by Vandals Again

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LibraryParkingMeterBrokenThe parking machines in the New Rochelle Public Library lot were put out of service again, the second time in three months. Vandals used a glue-type solution, inserting into the bill readers and credit card reader. Last time the City estimated the total cost at over $10,000. When this last occurred in March, the parking machines were out of service for over a month. We will see how long it takes this time to repair so far its about two weeks already.

New Rochelle Library Parking Pay Stations Vandalized, Damage and Lack of Enforcement Will Cost City Over Ten Thousand Dollars

WVOX'S Metal Mayhem To Interview New York Rockers The Mighty Pragmatics This Friday

May 30, 2011 - 16:02

The Mighty Pragmatics are coming for some mayhem with Matt O'Shaughnessy and co-host Scott Schubert this Friday at 8:30pm exclusively on 1460 am and worldwide!

The Mighty Pragmatics are a return to when Rock and Roll was dangerous and are one of WVOX's favorite New York area group's featuring Johnny Eggz on Vocals and Guitar, Mighty Joe Amodea on Guitar, Kenny Cintron on Bass and Nicky Shea on Drums. ...

The Mighty Pragmatics latest cd, cleverly titled - The Good...The Bad - is a cab ride to the depths of lower Manhattan in the 70's. The Pragmatics deliver a blend of Rock and Roll that kicks you in the butt!

Tune in this Friday at 8:30pm as The Mighty Pragmatics invade WVOX and debut their new single too!

Fans can call in live 914-636-0110!

New Rochelle Turns Out to Honor Fallen Heroes at Moving Flag Ceremony at Local Cemeteries

May 29, 2011 - 22:30

Over one hundred New Rochelle residents, young and old, veterans and civilians, gathered this morning at Beechwood Cemetery for the 33rd Annual United Veterans & Patriotic Association of New Rochelle Memorial service to honor the men and women who went to war to defend their country and never returned. Three hundred New Rochelle residents served and were killed in action.