October 2011

Updated 10/31/2011: Trinity Elementary School Stakeholders Organize and Mobilize Seeking Answers

October 31, 2011 - 00:23

UPDATE: Several parents and stakeholders addressed the Board of Education during the public comment period. They express their concerns regarding this situation.

UPDATE: Principal sends out generic robocall regarding PTA meeting scheduled for Thursday, November 3 2011. As indicated below, this is a special meeting that was scheduled to address questions and concerns regarding the Assistant Principal situation at Trinity Elementary School.

TrinitySchoolUPDATE:The New Rochelle Board of Education will meet tonight at 7 PM at City Hall where the Illegal Hiring of the Trinity Assistant Principal will be addressed.

New Forum Format for Candidates for New Rochelle City Council

October 30, 2011 - 23:35

The forum that the League of Women Voters chose for the New Rochelle City Council candidates on October 11 created a long, tedious meeting. Carolyn Stevens, President of the Scarsdale League, had been chosen as moderator to read the questions which had to be submitted before the forum began. Candidates in each district were given questions. The audience was told the questions were randomly selected, but "inappropriate questions were screened."
Differences between the candidates and their political parties emerged as the questions were posed. District 6's Republican candidate, Steve Mayo, was the first to introduce himself and he gave his credentials, being an attorney, entrepreneur and a creative problem solver. His opponent, Democrat Shari Rackman, also an attorney, said she grew up in New Rochelle and believes in "giving back" to the community and working collaboratively.

Court Decision: New Rochelle Superintendent and Board of Education Found to be in Violation of Educational Law

October 30, 2011 - 14:07

Please refer to the attached court decision document previously referenced in New Rochelle Superintendent and Board of Education Found to be in Violation of Educational Law

"In conclusion, this Court declares that the respondents violated Educational Law by failing to reinstate petitioner to the position of Administrator of the SS/HS grant;accordingly, the Court directs respondents to reinstate petitioner to that position nunc pro tunc to November 1, 2010 with full back pay, seniority and all other benefits. Settle judgement on Notice by October 4, 2011."

Improperly Excessed Decision September 2011.pdf

HALLOWEEN FRIGHT: New Rochelle Getting Hit Hard By Rare October Snow Storm

October 29, 2011 - 18:30

The city of New Rochelle is getting battered by heavy snow and rain. Power lines and trees are down all across the city.The police and fire departments are getting multiple calls of trees and wires down.Power outages are being reported in large neighborhoods.I have not received a robo call from the city as of yet wondering why?? There are a number off roads closed to traffic to many to report.I will be giving updates as they come in.


Main roads closed Pinebrook blvd.closed north and south from forest avenue. North ave at rose hill north bound. Eastchester road from webster to New Rochelle road. Mount tom road from whyman to park-ridge All of forest avenue from pinebrook to larchmont line.


Multiple small streets are closed across the city. Stratton road closed from Pinbrook to grand blvd. Transformer fires at wood hollow lane, jones street,rosedale avenue,parcot avenue and webster at rose hill

UPdate 5.25pm The city has finally called.This was the message:

Another Questionable Donation by Judge Kettner Surfaces, Made Shortly Before 2010 Democratic Nominating Convention

October 28, 2011 - 15:00

Kettner FertelTalk of the Sound has uncovered another campaign donation made by Judge Susan Kettner under a corporate name that raises new questions about her partisan political activity while a judge or judicial candidate. Talk of the Sound previously reported on an illegal $500 campaign contribution to Council Member Barry Fertel. Kettner made public an email requesting the return of the money but, so far, the Fertel campaign, has yet to issue a statement confirming the money has been returned.

New Rochelle Superintendent and Board of Education Found to be in Violation of Educational Law

October 27, 2011 - 22:03

As a result, the City School District of New Rochelle was ordered to reinstate an improperly excessed employee with full back pay of an annual salary of  over $110,000.

ESSA Wins Reinstatement for Improperly Excessed Administrator

by Bob Saperstein ESSAA General Counsel

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