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New Rochelle a Major Hub for International Sex Trafficking, Says New York City Homeland Security Chief

January 04, 2015 - 17:13

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- The Associated Press ran a national story over the holidays that quotes James Hayes, the top Immigrations Cop in New York, listing New Rochelle among three major hubs of human sex trafficking in the New York City area.

Open Air Permit for Civil Rights March Planned But Cancelled for Last Sunday After NYPD Shooting

December 23, 2014 - 16:27

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- A City of New Rochelle permit for a Civil Rights March set for this past Sunday but cancelled after the shooting death of two New York City Police officers was taken out by Angelique Francis, according to records obtained by Talk of the Sound under a Freedom of Information request.


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Who is Flavio La Rocca? - Part II

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Flavio La Rocca and his wife Maria LaRocca were outspoken in their opposition to consideration by the City of New Rochelle to use eminent domain to

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Martin G. Lalli Obituary

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Martin Lalli, longtime resident of New Rochelle, NY, passed away unexpectedly on May 8, 2015 of complications from lung surgery on March 24.

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New Rochelle School and Library Election Results

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- I will post more on this tomorrow but I wanted to get the actual results up tonight.

Lianne Merchant and Madalli Atallah won seats on the school board.

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GET OUT AND VOTE: School and Library Election Day 2015

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Tuesday, May 19th is school and library election day.

Talk of the Sound is recommending not to vote for Lianne Merchant for New Rochelle School Board and not to vote for Jay Wegimond for Library Board.

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Michael Alfano of New Rochelle, New York receives Excellence in Scholarship and Teaching Award from Quinnipiac University

HAMDEN, CT -- Michael Alfano of New Rochelle, New York received the Excellence in Scholarship and Teaching Award from the School of Education’s MAT in secondary education program at Quinnipiac University.

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New Rochelle Police Commissioner: No Report Filed on Gun Ammunition Find at School DIstrict Office

NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- In an update to our story yesterday, Police Commissioner Patrick Carroll told Talk of the Sound that no report was made after equipment and materials, including lead-tip bullets suffecient to make up to 2,000 rounds of ammuniti

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