Reminder About Garbage Pick-Up This Week In New Rochelle!


This Thanksgiving Day week, November 25-29, the City of New Rochelle has a special refuse collection schedule.


Monday Nov. 25 — North End Garbage/Trash
Tuesday Nov. 26 — South End Garbage/Trash
Wednesday Nov. 27— Paper Recycling CITYWIDE
Thursday Nov. 28 — HOLIDAY- NO PICKUP

New Rochelle City Council Votes to Continue ICLEI Membership, Discusses More Borrowing for Church-Division Garage


New Rochelle City Council met least night for a Regular Legislative Meeting.

Port Chester Struggling with Sewer Fee Concept Proposed for New Rochelle by Mayor Bramson


Org third man13711Leah Rae of the Journal News is reporting that Port Chester officials are finding it is not a simply matter to charge residents a sewer fee. New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson is seeking to institute a similar fee in New Rochelle.

New Port Chester sewer fee delayed by legal hurdle

Rae reports that like New Rochelle, sewer costs were paid by the City as part of the overall municipal budget. The latest idea in municipal finance, driven by Andrew Cuomo's Property Tax Cap (actually, a law to cap property tax growth at 2% or the rate of inflation), is to shift municipal costs out of the budget, supported primarily by property taxes, and into fees which can be assessed non-profits and other businesses and residents that do not pay property taxes.

Like New Rochelle, Port Chester gets its water from a Suez/United Water subsidiary company.

Robert Cox Responds to Misleading Claims by New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson on ICLEI


Back in May 2012, I addressed the New Rochelle City Council regarding the false and misleading claims by New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson regarding the connection between New Rochelle and the United Nations.

The Mayor has not only denied the connection but sought to paint anyone who contradicts him as a deranged conspiracy theorist, beyond the pale or simply not worthy of a response. He has repeatedly made false and misleading statements regarding ICLEI and gone out of his way to insult anyone who opposes him.

The issue is not whether there is a connection between New Rochelle and the United Nations -- there is. New Rochelle is a member if ICLEI and ICLEI is a UN system organization.

The issue is whether the residents of New Rochelle understand that and just what membership in ICLEI means with regards to implementing the UN's global initiative known as Agenda 21.

City Hosts “New Ro Walks!” Family-Friendly Walk


NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Residents of all ages and abilities are invited to “New Rochelle Walks”, a free, family-friendly walk through the city’s Historic District on Sunday, September 9 at 9AM. Two walk lengths will be offered: 1.5 and 2.5 miles. Registration begins at 8AM.

In addition to providing an opportunity for New Rochelleans to get exercise while enjoying a friendly walk with neighbors, friends and co-workers, “New Ro Walks” will kick off an initiative of the City’s sustainability plan, GreeNR by encouraging the creation of “Neighborhood Walking Groups.”

”Public health is an important GreeNR objective, and if we can have fun at the same time, then so much the better,” said Mayor Noam Bramson.

Prior to the walk, event sponsors, including Robeks, ShopRite, Sound Shore Medical Center, Walgreens, Westchester Yoga Arts and fitness professionals, will be on site to offer nutritional information, healthy snacks, health screenings and warm-up exercises.

Downtown New Rochelle; Creating a Greening Fact


If you read about my gaffe concerning Naomi Brickell, I will probably have trouble making sense of impact on this brief entry.

I recall reading the words of Laurence Tribe recently concerning the Obama/Roberts relationship on the Supreme Court's decision on the Affordable Care Act. As you may know Tribe is an esteemed legal mind on the Harvard Law School Faculty and taught both Obama and Roberts.

Tribe says that "one guiding value; a genuine belief that pragmatism and even compromise can coexist with principle" is critical to both men and by extrapolation of his words, to society.

Eliot Engel, Agenda 21 and Bankruptcy for the United States at Every Level of Government


Eliot Engel back in 1992 as an avid supporter of Agenda 21. Consider this video and the text of H.CON.RES.353 and where were then and where we are now and consider where they wish to take us in the future, including 0.7% of GDP given by the U.S. in foreign aid. That is a MASSIVE figure. How massive?

US$ 14.59 trillion (2010) x .7% = US$ 102,130,000,000 (102 billion dollars)

In fiscal year 2010, the U.S. government allocated the following amounts for aid:

Total economic and military assistance: $52.7 billion
Total military assistance: $15.0 billion
Total economic assistance: $37.7 billion (of which, USAID assistance: $14.1 billion 1/3rd of which goes to Israel and Egypt)

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