Accused Child Molester Jose Martinez Took Steps to Make Jefferson Office More Private, May Have Been Targeting More Children

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Accused Child Molester Jose Martinez Took Steps to Make Jefferson Office More Private, May Have Been Targeting More Children

April 05, 2011 - 17:00

TwoKeyLockChannel 12 News reporting New Rochelle Police took DNA Samples from Martinez' Office at Isaac Young

Talk of the Sound has learned that an employee at Jefferson Elementary School in New Rochelle formerly expressed concerns to school district administrators earlier this school year that then-newly appointed Assistant Principal Jose Martinez was taking unusual steps to make his office at the school more private. Martinez requested new locks on both the interior and exterior doors to his office including a special lock on the interior door which connected an foyer-area which served as a waiting room to his actual office. Martinez also covered up the window looking into his office until a shade was installed on the interior door, according to sources.

Sources tell Talk of the Sound that the employee was demoted after filing the complaint and admonished for being a "trouble maker".

Another district employee expressed concerns over the nature of the lock on Martinez door.

"He had a lock that no one should have", said one district employee who did not wish to be identified. The lock, known as a "two-key lock" required keys on both sides of the door to work on the lock. Such locks are prohibited in the New York City school system according to a consultant to the New York schools. Talk of the Sound has been unable to determine whether the New Rochelle school district has a similar policy.

According to sources in each building, the locks on the doors at Martinez office at Jefferson Elementary School and his old office at Isaac E. Young Middle School were changed shortly after his arrest.

Channel 12 News is reporting that New Rochelle police investigators found "DNA evidence" in Martinez' old office at Isaac E. Young Middle School. The Cablevision news program also confirmed Talk of the Sound's reporting that Martinez attempted to reconfigure his office at Jefferson to make it more private and, according to Channel 12 reporter Lisa Reyes "may have been targeting more children". Talk of the Sound previously reported that a New Rochelle police forensic team went to Isaac E. Young Middle school as the police held a press conference announcing the arrest of Martinez on March 25th.


Martinez appearance in New Rochelle City Court on April 4th.

Full Report on Martinez case.

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How anyone is still supporting this guy is beyond me.

Frightening is all I can come up this. Real frightening.

I would suggest that when Talk of the Sounds prints an article they should use the term "alleged" child molster as he did not plead to being one.

It is stated here that Mr. Martinez attempt to reconfigure his office at Jefferson, to make it more private. I imagine Lisa Reyes has NOT seen Mr. Martinez's office at Jefferson because the office discribed was his old office at IEYMS. I'm not sure what unusual steps he tried to make but there is not much anyone can do to Mr. Martinez's office to make it private considering it is at the primary entrance by security & across from the gym.

I am so sick of parents saying Mr. Martinez is innocent, he didn't do it, he plead not guilty. Hello! Does anyone remember the article in the journal news where he confessed How about DNA?? DNA doesn't lie and it was found in Isaac. If you think he is sooooo innocent, would you feel comfortable putting him back in Jefferson in that office?? No pd can hold someonen on $500k Bail without evidence! Wake up and smell the coffee! Yes he was nice yes he gave the kids candy and money That's also how pedfiles are! Innocent until proven guilty?? I wouldn't go that far on this case...obviously he confessed then got an attorney if he was soooo innocent where was he at the last court date?? He wasn't there, he sent his lawyer because he knew the DNA was going to come up. Parents and Students are supporting him...showing up to court..Well maybe some of should show up to make sure he stays out of the schools. Ugh! Nice people are sometimes not so nice!


its sad how people hear what they want to hear. on the news they said "sources said"....what sources? police-no? dna expert-no? so who? when i see or hear someone stand up then maybe.....ex-employee that was demoted- if it were me or u demoted for speaking up wouldnt u have spoken out n not hide or go behind the scene--hello hello where r u demoted employee and be me facts..... if they found dna at isaac-y isnt the police stating it and dammmm how clean is our school that dna can be 100% in tact n prove his guilt...his office at jefferson was a few feet away from the main entrance-near the security booth- how private can that be hello...... before u go on commenting anywhere get educated cuz u sound foolish right now....go watch the news and worry about your kids and cleaning your house