City of New Rochelle Considers Disciplinary Action Against Suspected Whistleblower Based on Allegations by Richard Fevang

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City of New Rochelle Considers Disciplinary Action Against Suspected Whistleblower Based on Allegations by Richard Fevang

January 19, 2011 - 00:38

Richard+FevangTalk of the Sound has learned that Richard Fevang is now seeking a 30 day suspension for a city worker suspected of being the whistleblower who came forward last year with the evidence that led the Westchester District Attorney investigation of the City of New Rochelle Department of Public Works. The Westchester DA investigation began when invoices for a garbage truck, invoices approved by Fevang, were determined to contain charges for thousands of dollars of work that was never done. The investigation has since expanded to include multiple individuals and multiple vendors throughout the Tri-state area as well as the New Rochelle Marina within the Department of Parks & Recreation.

The identity of the whistleblower is an open secret within City Hall.

The disciplinary matter arose two weeks ago when Richard Fevang, the DPW Fleet Manager at the center of the DA investigation, alleged in a meeting with newly installed DPW Commissioner Alex Turgis that the employee in question did work on a fellow employee's car during working hours. Specifically, that a headlight on a private vehicle was replaced on City time. The DPW employee has acknowledged changing the headlight but denied any wrongdoing stating that the headlight was provided to him by the owner of the vehicle and that both employees had punched out and were not working on City time.

Turgis, reportedly unaware that Fevang has been the target of two separate public integrity investigations by the District Attorney, took the allegations at face value and reported them City Manager Chuck Strome.

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How and why is this guy still on the payroll? No wonder this city's broke, we're being ripped off left and right!

Time to right the ship in November (our next election), Bramson's the mayor and this just shows his lack of leadership and poor judgment. Let's hope there's some competition this year. I personally hope the Republicans take control the city coucil this time around, we can't afford another 4 years of Bramson & his buddies running this city.

If this guy gets suspended I will go and burn fevangs boat where it sits.
Oh and you should have the serial numbers on the engines of his boat checked, I think the city paid for those....

Amen to that. Vote them out, REMEMBER THE NEW ROC CITY ICE RINK!

It is all well and good that Mr Fevang wants a 30 day suspension for the person who blew the whistle but as long as the employee did not do anything wrong he should not be getting a suspension. And if he does get suspened I would like to know the reason why because just because Mr Fevang wants it it should not happen