City Park - Wiliam "Brud" Flowers Park & Parks and Rec Thoughts

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City Park - Wiliam "Brud" Flowers Park & Parks and Rec Thoughts

April 03, 2013 - 15:09

I know the weather has not been cooperating but every time I drive by the renovated fields at City Park all I see is Monroe College(sponsored by the City of New Rochelle or is it the other way around? The City of New Rochelle sponsored by Monroe College)out there playing baseball.

Since the renovation and grand opening I have not seen one person on those "astro turf" fields knocking a ball around. Soon enough the organized sports will take over but when there is down time open the fields up.

I know the City of New Ro, or more so the Mayor, loves passive recreation but for some of us who can throw a ball we would like a space to do it that does not require a trip to City Hall.

BTW, you can bond 25 million dollars for a new city yard so since we are spending money we don't have how about adding a couple of thousand to that bond so we can fix up some of the parks/athletic facilities around the city. One in particular is the basketball courts at Gabby Lane. I am 45 years old and the backboards and rims there predate me. What was once a thriving court drawing players from all over the city is now empty because it is dilapidated.

Taking a walk in the woods is fine but don't forget the word "active" when talking about recreation. I know you are going to say we don't have the money and I would agree but how about you find a way!

In 2007 we were flush with cash and plaque programs, bike paths to nowhere, community gardens, public art and traffic calming measures at obscene costs were all put into effect. Fixing up the b-ball courts and other active recreation facilities in parts outside downtown or City Park? Goose Egg! City Park was only done because the county got involved and it seems that accomplishment is the good enough.

You all campaign on quality of life issues. Guess what? For those of us with families this is a quality of life issue. Might be bigger fish to fry but the small ones cook up well too.

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You don't give the mayor 45k a year in political donations to use public space that the Westchester Board of Legislators approved for redevelopment. Therefore, you or any other New Rochellean don't get to use it. Hopefully the feds don't stop their investigation in the bronx and queens. It should continue right down Main Street and over towards North Avenue. It's not hard to see what's going on if you follow the money.