Journal news had over 8,000 cancellations day after map went live

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Journal news had over 8,000 cancellations day after map went live

January 24, 2013 - 01:25

I was told by a Journal news employee that he was told that over 8,000 people cancelled their subscription the day after the Map was posted. They lost many more over the following weeks but that no one was supposed to talk about it at work. I wonder what the final number is. The bottom line financially is that the Journal News is in very bad shape and either they will have to lie about their subscriber numbers or figure out some way to get paid subscriptions. Prepare to be inundated with subscription calls.

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Good for them, they deserve it.

isn't that a shame???????


I hope they go bankrupt.

I hope they call me - but they won't.

Excellent, just excellent.

I hope they go bankrupt and fire all their employees. But of course if they do, they would pay all their execs huge giant bonuses first.

Excellent news, just excellent. Payback, JN, payback.

The Journal News is self destructing from within.
It's a very poor excuse for Journalism as for the most part they are beating the Drum for the Local Politicians. They have a hard time keeping quality reporters unless they have other means of income.
Between the poor pay scale that Gannett provides the even more meager benefits packages clearly those who are talented will move on to greener pastures.
Throw in additional salary reductions, forced furloughs and further erosion of health benefits at it will become something quite different that what it is today.
They have a catch 22 people will not subscribe to them on line and sooner or later the ad rate will go lower and lower due to subscription numbers. They are at the end of their Rainbow.

I'm impressed that a local print newspaper had 8,000 readers to lose.

Senator Greg Ball was on the news last week and he said The Journal News had over 75,000 cancellations because of the map, and that was prior his interview.