My cool, weird, odd, stupid, business cards for Talk of the Sound

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My cool, weird, odd, stupid, business cards for Talk of the Sound

September 13, 2011 - 00:00

Proof213565I saw an article on a minimalist business cardat Boing Boing and another at Jason Kottke. The back of Jason's card got me thinking about adding a QR code to link to Talk of the Sound. Then I thought "that's silly" since the URL for the site is already in the card. Then I had a cool idea to make the QR code link back to a "bio" page for which I can update anytime I like so that the business card is more like a piece of software, changing and updating over time. At the same time I liked the background looking out on Echo Bay from the Sutton Manor boathouse and wanted to use that. And I thought that I really wanted to feature the rowing club more because it looks cool and the top is the cupola from the old City Hall. I blurred the image a bit so it is a little more like a painting. Then I had the idea of writing my phone number on the seawall near the NRPD harbor unit shack. So, really this is like four or five ideas in one; so no longer minimalist but using some fun elements of that -- I like using the lines over my email address to indicate the email, www and twitter. I ordered 2,000 of them from for like $40 so if I hate them I am not out too much.