New Rochelle Appoints New Development Commissioner

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New Rochelle Appoints New Development Commissioner

January 25, 2013 - 22:18

LuizNEW ROCHELLE, NY -- City Manager Charles B. Strome, III announced today the appointment of Luiz C. Aragon as Development Commissioner for the City of New Rochelle.

Mr. Aragon brings to the City a wealth of experience, having served as Planning Commissioner of Sullivan County, New York and prior to that as Deputy Commissioner of Preservation and Development for the City of New York. His expertise includes community development, economic development and revitalization, housing, planning, and environmental management.

As a member of the Mid-Hudson Region Sustainable Consortium, Mr. Aragon assisted in the development the regional plan which includes a renewable energy strategy that creates jobs while reducing costs. As part of the Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council, he reviewed and recommended grant awards for local development councils, including those for the Echo Bay and Sound Shore Medical Center projects.

“The Development Commissioner is integral to the advancement of our City, and we conducted an extensive search to find the best candidate,” said City Manager Strome. “Mr. Aragon has a distinguished record of accomplishments and I look forward to him joining our staff.”

“I look forward to being part of the development team that will propel our wonderful City forward economically, as part of the very foundation supporting the economic health of our Empire State,” said Mr. Aragon.

Mr. Aragon will assume the position February 11, 2013.

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I guess Noam finally found someone who will side with him and not speak out of tune (the actual truth).

Really,I give him a year take a few months.

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Mr. Aragon - Good luck and watch your back of Noam Bramson. He is a no-good, do-nothing person who is incapable of sharing the stage with anyone. Do your job and do it well despite the whining and false protestations of child Bramson. Listen to the people of New Rochelle. Thanks.

The city conducted an exhaustive search and found the candidate that will act in the best interest of Noam Bramson aka the mayor who wants to jump ship for the county executive job. A message to Noam: the captain goes down with the ship.