One Car Accident Closes Down Main Street New Rochelle

Submitted by eye on new roc on Tue, 06/21/2011 - 09:58


A one car accident closed down main street in both directions from whyman avenue to the i-95 exit 15 entrance and exit ramps early tuesday morning. A car that was speeding according to two people who saw the whole thing happen right in front of there eyes. A driver of a 18 wheeler who was headed to the home depot said the car was traveling at high speeds when it lost control and took down two light poles before ending uo in a wooded area around the home depot entrance off main street. The car which had conn. plates had two people inside. The New Rochelle police,ems and fire departments rescued both parties from the car and both were taken to sound shore hospital there condition was unknown but both were talking when taken from the car.Another person who works at a gas station near the scene said the car had to be going at least 80 when it flew by his station.He also said there was a police car on whyman when the accident happened.After seeing the aftermath there luckey to be alive. Photos and viedo will be downloaded soon.