"Shameless" Must Be Noam Bramson's Middle Name

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"Shameless" Must Be Noam Bramson's Middle Name

January 29, 2013 - 13:46

Do you want to start your day by falling off your chair? Here is a quote from New Rochelle's Mayor Bramson in The Journal News on 1/24/13 in trying to criticize County Executive Astorino:

“We need a coherent strategy for economic development and job creation, and it’s painfully apparent that the administration does not have any clear plans for achieving those goals.”

This has to be a joke...right? Noam cannot possibly be serious? He has been a councilman and mayor since 1996 (17 years), and it is fair to say the New Rochelle has been in a continued downward spiral since then when it comes to "job creation" and "economic development." It is fair to say that during Bramson's political career he was part of a serious of horrible decisions, in particular massive tax breaks for developers and corporate welfare that has crushed New Rochelle's homeowners, which has done tremendous damage to New Rochelle's downtown and long term damage to this city's future. It is fair to say that Noam Bramson has been an utter disaster when it comes to economic development and job creation here in New Rochelle. It really is clear that Noam will say just about anything to get elected County Executive and the level of shamelessness and fraud in his quote is breathtaking.

Noam, to quote the great Republican Abe Lincoln: "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time."

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I was very happy to see this post and glad to see the NR GOP still has a pulse. When Bramson announced, I also though it was incredible that he thinks he has earned a promotion. Why would anyone vote for Bramson for county exec? New Rochelle gets worse by the year and he may be the worst mayor we have ever had. No new development and ever increasing taxes. I'm with Astorino all the way.

He's only here because of the Hasidic support from the North End and because the last election lacked a viable candidate.
Lou Trangucci - please run (or anyone else that does not have skeletons in their closet)

The only worse thing that we can get is, if Commissioner Patrick Carroll runs for Mayor.

The fact is that Noam Bramson does NOT represent New Rochelle. Let's put his last mayoral election "victory" into perspective. Although he won the election over Richard St. Paul by "79% of the vote," only 8,000 out of 48,000 or 17%! of registered voters came out to vote. Ergo, Noam's 5,600 votes represents less than 12% of registered New Rochelle voters and just 7.2% of all New Rochelle residents!

Job CREATION and Noam Bramson are NOT synonymous! We are speaking about a man who twice sent termination notices to New Rochelle Firefighters. Bramson twice proposed “competition for services” which was a veiled attempt at privatizing city DPW services. Not to mention that in the current budget, Noam Bramson was the ONLY councilmember to vote against maintain the current New Rochelle Fire Department staffing levels. Bramson supported allowing manpower to fall to dangerously low levels that would require shutting down a firehouse and or removing a hook and ladder from service.

Bramson was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and is attempting to use his ability to raise campaign funds to intimidate Ken Jenkins and win the democratic nomination at the convention. Bramson has become a ghost in City Hall choosing instead to hit the campaign trail and scour through Greenburg for delegate support. Bramson has also made sure supporters filled every New Rochelle delegate position.

Bramson has stacked the deck with handpicked supporters for the Citizens Budget Committee, the Iona Dorm Committee, the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Planning Board. In short, Bramson is a control freak.

Here’s a tip for Jenkins, review Bramson’s record on how minorities have been treated during Bramson’s tenure. Two lawsuits over redistricting for disenfranchising African Americans and I seem to remember an incident where African American Leaders marched to protest hiring practices of minorities. I believe the late great Councilwoman Rhoda Quash marched.

Be prepared, should Bramson bully his way in, he will surely target CSEA; not to contribute to their health insurance but to participate in countywide “competition for services”. Bramson’s ultimate goal will be to destroy the union and privatize county services. New Rochelle residents wouldn’t allow this and Westchester County residents shouldn’t either.

Beware of the Wolf in Sheep’s clothing!

Whe refering to the mayor it is best to use his full title "Mayor Noam Bramson" reason being is anybody wanting to know more about him in the upcoming election, all these comment will show up on google. So remeber full title "Mayor Noam Bramson".
Let the rest of westchester see what we are dealing with.

and one I had never considered when calling him Idoni II.

The You Tube with Mayor Noam Bramson aka Idoni II melting down is especially funny.

In light of the New Rochelle mayor's coruscating criticism of the Westchester county executive, will "hizzoner" enlighten us troglodytes on the "Shining Path" to smart local development?

In order to facilitate his addressing this challenge (since he and the other members of city hall are so unaccustomed to the sharp queries of an active and local conventional press corps), let us re-shape the question into a form more be-fitting his pedagogic background. Let's make believe he has submitted a doctoral dissertation to a leading academic institution and is now being questioned about specific claims within the document. So,

"In completing this assignment, the office seeker should cite specific examples from the public record of his service as councilman and mayor of the legislative, financial or engineering prowess which he now claims as proof of his expertise in affairs fiscal and planning.

Points will be awarded for identification of actual legislation and specific data points; such as revenue figures for sales tax and property tax receipts. Applicant may utilize pie graphs, charts, photographs, line drawings and other graphic tools typically utilized in industry and government to make a presentation most comprehensible and clear to the reader.

Applicant should attempt to answer the question on his own without aid of a full-time executive assistant, publicist, another councilman serving as flunky in the guise of "stalking-horse" or straw man, or other resources human and inanimate not ordinarily enjoyed by mortals, non-professional politicians, etc. Good luck!

Sincerely yours,
University of the United Nations, Department of Compliance, One-World Department"