Six Teens Terrorize Downtown New Rochelle During Four Hour Assault and Robbery Spree

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Six Teens Terrorize Downtown New Rochelle During Four Hour Assault and Robbery Spree

March 15, 2015 - 17:27
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Police look for group of six youths who terrorized downtown New Rochelle overnight.

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NEW ROCHELLE, NY -- Six teens went on a four hour rampage through downtown New Rochelle overnight. Five were arrested, a sixth teen is still being sought by police.

The incident began at 10 p.m. on Union Avenue when the group allegedly attempted to rob a man on Union Avenue near Third Street. About 30 minutes later, police received a call of loud noise in the street. Police found a man with a head injury. He told police he was sitting on a guardrail near a deli at 204 Union Avenue. When they attempted to rob him, the victim fled across the street. He was chased by the group, beaten and robbed. The victim was transported to Montefiore New Rochelle complaining of head pain. He was treated and released.

The group then moved towards downtown New Rochelle, across the Center Avenue Bridge.

At Center Avenue and Huguenot Avenue, the group of youths attempted to rob a man of his phone and wallet. The man resisted and the youths fled. There were reports of youths matching the description provided by police in the area of the New Rochelle Public Library and, a short while later, near the Town Pizzeria at Anderson Plaza.

Much of their activity was observed on police surveillance video and private video. Police located the group of teens near the New Rochelle Train Station, at North Avenue and Garden Street.

As the teens were being arrested and transported to police headquarters, police received a report of an assault at the Twin Donut at North Avenue and Main Street that had occurred about a half hour later.

Eduardo Magana, 18; Jonathan Jeanty, 16; Manuel Aguilar, 17; Rayner Feliz, 18; and Osmari Rodriguez, 16 were charged with Robbery-2nd Degree, a class C felony; Attempted Robbery-2nd Degree, a class D felony and Assault-2nd Degree, a class D felony. They are being charged as adults and held pending arraignement on Monday in New Rochelle City Court.

A sixth person is still wanted by police.

According to New Rochelle Police Commissioner Patrick Carroll, New Rochelle is among the safest cities in the United States.

Talk of the Sound has edited NRPD scanner traffic from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. to offer an abridged version of last night's police response to the incident.


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Wake up Commissioner Carroll!  How safe is a city where teenagers terrorize the downtown streets of New Rochelle (including the train station).....not just once or twice, but quite a few times a year!  In addition, the number of bar brawls seems to be escalating.  Perhaps you consider the city "safe" because the murder rate is low.  Please don't use the "safe city" quote anymore when responding to questions about dangerous downtown incidents.  Address the real problem.......not enough police officers to cover the entire city.

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In the Spring of 2013, the PBA President addressed City Council to point out a series of 8 gun incidents and other Part 2 crimes over the previous month that were not counted when a city is named among America's safest cities. If we extrapolate this data on an annual basis it is about 100 gun incidents and other Part 2 crimes not reported each year. Ask any police officer and they can tell you all the other ways in which crime is undercounted or misreported to juice the stats.

If you look at our SpotCrime map, you will see that for almost any given period, 95%+ of the reported incidents occur below the mason-dixon line of Eastchester Road.

It would be interesting to know the crime rate for the "South End" of New Rochelle. I am certain that New Rochelle is not even remotely safe by this measure.

If you follow @eyeonewroc and @talkofthesound and #NRTalkScanner -- or buy a police scanner yourself -- you will quickly come to realize just how busy the NRPD really is dealing with crime at New Roc City, in the downtown area, the train station, the NRMHA properties, etc.