Trinity Elementary School's Children Lives Are At Risk

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Trinity Elementary School's Children Lives Are At Risk

March 10, 2012 - 14:58

Fot 765011Yesterday morning, a 5th grader from Trinity Elementary School tried to set fire to the T2 bus, scorching three seats in the back of the bus.

This child has previously been punished at school for having a lighter and yet when principal Briceno was called to assist in the incident, he said he was too busy to go outside.

The incident was not reported to the police, the child was not punished and out on the playground for recess after his lunch period.

Trinity's children lives are at risk. How do you think the parents of the children on the T2 bus would feel if they knew about yesterday mornings events?

Could the fact that Mr. Briceno may or may not be tenured in the next few weeks be the reason for keeping this story quiet.

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What is going on at Trinity?

How could anything be more important than the safety and well being of our children?

As a parent of two children bussed to school everyday, I an horrified at the thought of a fire on their bus.Have we learned nothing from the crimes comitted against children all over this country over the past 10 years? why wasn't this reported to the police?Were the parents of these children notified of this?

Not that this matters, are any of your children on the T2 Bus.

This is an outrage!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm a 5th grade parent in Mr. Atlas' class. My children aren't bused but my husband and I are very upset. Anything can happen on the play ground.

As a 5th grade parent my family and I are left with many questions.

Where was the note informing my husband and I what had happened on Friday? What class is the child in? Is the child being given the proper help?

Since the child who allegedly attempted to burn a bus was named as a 5th grader, and the child was allowed to continue either his/her day, how were all the other 5th graders protected from any other problems that could have been caused during the day by this child.

According to the article, this is the second alleged arson attempt. The first was during school, a lighter was confiscated from the child. Now, the child has attempted to set a bus on fire.

where was mr. Briceno?
why was a police report not filed?
again, where was the note informing all the parents, if not just the 5th grade parents as to the potential danger that exists in our school?
where are our school officials; the BoE, Mr. Organisciak, Dr. Korostoff, city hall on this matter?

what is going on at Trinity and why wheren't the parents and police informed?

What is up with OUR school!?!

My kids go to Trinity and I haven't heard anything about this! EVERY THING IS A SECRET OVER THERE!!


Por Camille el Sáb, 03/10/2012 - 10:58

Ayer por la mañana, un estudiante de 5to grado de la Escuela Primaria Trinidad intentaron prender fuego al bus T2, quemando tres escaños en la parte trasera del autobús.

Este niño ya ha sido castigado en la escuela por tener una. Más ligero y, sin embargo, cuando director de Briceño fue llamado para asistir en el incidente, dijo que estaba demasiado ocupado para salir a la calle

El incidente no fue reportado a la policía, el niño no fue castigado y en el patio durante el recreo después de su período de almuerzo.

La vida de la Trinidad de los niños están en riesgo. ¿Cómo crees que los padres de los niños en el autobús T2 se sentirían si supieran de la mañana de ayer los acontecimientos?

¿Podría el hecho de que el Sr. Briceño puede o no puede ser plaza fija en las próximas semanas será la razón para mantener esta historia en secreto.

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I am a 5th grade parent and my kid takes the bus every day.

My wife and I EXPECTED! to get a note home today about what happened on the bus on Friday. Setting Fire to a Bus?! AND, THAT'S IT!?!! Why is it that NO ONE CARES about Trinity?! Why hasn't this been picked up by Channel 2 News?! What's wrong with this school?! WHO'S IN CHARGE HERE!!!!!

I am FED up with the LIES and Covering things up! I work at Trinity and this story is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH. The Administration is too BUSY putting their own personal career before the safety and well-being of the children!

Well, I'm sorry, I will not be silent any longer. A child DID attempt to set the T2 bus on FIRE last Friday and this is not the first attempt of arson.

The child previously was punished for having a lighter in school.

I'm furious! Not only is this a threat to our bus children, but when the lighter was confiscated from the child, the entire school was at risk.

I CANNOT be a part of the LIES! Children's lives are at stake. Parents, DO NOT be FOOLED. All they care about is protecting themselves and their jobs. WAKE UP!

Título: Vive la Trinidad de la Escuela Primaria Los niños corren riesgos

Estoy harto de las mentiras y que abarcan las cosas! Yo trabajo en Trinidad y esta historia es la verdad absoluta. La Administración está demasiado ocupado poniendo su propia carrera personal antes de que la seguridad y el bienestar de los niños!

Bueno, lo siento, no voy a estar en silencio por más tiempo. Un niño trató de fijar el bus de T2 en INCENDIOS el viernes pasado y este no es el primer intento de incendio provocado.

El niño ya fue castigado por tener un encendedor en la escuela.

Estoy furioso! Esto no sólo es una amenaza para los hijos de nuestros autobuses, pero cuando el encendedor fue confiscado por parte del niño, toda la escuela estaba en riesgo.

NO PUEDO ser parte de las mentiras! Vidas de los niños que están en juego. Padres, no se deje engañar. Todo lo que importa es la protección de ellos mismos y sus puestos de trabajo. WAKE UP!

There are 2 very reliable sources to this story. This did happen on the bus, going to Trinity on friday morning. The administration is trying to backpeddle because they got caught not following proper procedure on a possible felony. If this principal doesnt realize that the police should have been brought in on this matter, what else is he neglecting to do to protect our children?

There are 2 very reliable sources to this story. This did happen on the bus, going to Trinity on friday morning. The administration is trying to backpeddle because they got caught not following proper procedure on a possible felony. If this principal doesnt realize that the police should have been brought in on this matter, what else is he neglecting to do to protect our children?

My son was in the auditorium Friday morning and Mr. Briceno was telling jokes as he was being paged over the walkie talkie to come to the buses.

But, he needed to finish telling his jokes. I don't think 40 kids being burnt up on a bus is so funny, Mr. Briceno!

Today the Trinity T2 bus was in an accident. Thankfully, no one was injured. Mr. Briceno upon learning of the accident, immediately dropped everything and rushed over to the site to check on our children's well-being. Well done Mr. Briceno. That is the response we as a community want to see and admire.

However, one right does not negate a sea of wrong. I work at Trinity. The attempt by the child to set fire to the T2 bus DID HAPPEN. The article is TRUE. There is an attempt to cover-up the incident because the police should have been contacted. Not following procedures in an incident of this nature is a serious offense. Procedures are in place to protect our children. We cannot pick and choose which rules to follow, all must be followed.

We cannot allow this cover-up to go on. Cover-ups do and have happened in history. They have also been exposed. Just ask Richard Nixon about the Watergate scandal. Our children deserve the security of safety. It is our time as strong adults to be truthful. This incident DID HAPPEN.


Is the child who tried set FIRE to the T2 bus getting help? Or is the child just going to be allowed to be lost in the system?

What is being done to protect all of our children?

Sounds like NOTHING, since we parents have heard NOTHING from our School!!!!



I think we as parents at Trinity, need to DEMAND a Board meeting, and have this incident investigated. Something has to be done about the ADMINISTRATION (LACK THERE OF) at Trinity.

I am a Tax payer and we as a community need to STAND UP for our youth's lives.

If we as a community don't take a stand nothing will NEVER get done.

Just another sad incident that is to be COVERED UP by the BRICENO Army.

We as a community really need to SPEAK UP for our CHILDREN. They are RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ONLY WAY to have the Board of Education care for South District Schools is to get South End New Rochelle Representation. The entire board consists only of North End Representatives that conduct Business as Usual, only caring about Davis, Ward & ALMS. They do not care about students & teachers within Jefferson, Columbus, IEYMS, and even Webster. South End New Rochelle Representation is desperately needed!!!! Should there be any South End people who want to make positive change and can contend and defeat any seated board moron, sorry, member, please register to run. New Rochelle's South End desperately need representation. Our schools are failing, and with each and every year passing, the board of ed and the entire administration simply sits, lays off needed educators, drains our budgets, raises our taxes and gives themselves hefty raises and unlimited expense budgets that are used unchecked and unaudited for personal use as well.

My suggestion to the PTA is to have a evening meeting. The neighborhoods should be getting involved and support the parents who have children attending Trinity. These incidents are very important and should not be ignored. After all, the children's safety should be our first priority. We cannot accept anything less.