Westchester Parks Foundation Announces Thalle Industries as the Sponsor of Anti-Graffiti Program “Graffiti Squad” During Kick Off of 2017 Season

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Westchester Parks Foundation Announces Thalle Industries as the Sponsor of Anti-Graffiti Program “Graffiti Squad” During Kick Off of 2017 Season

May 04, 2017 - 08:27

Westchester Parks Foundation receives a new pickup truck from Thalle Industries for its Graffiti Squad Program. From left: Seth Mandelbaum, Marc Berman, Robert P. Astorino; Glenn Pacchiana, Joanne Fernandez and Elizabeth Bracken-Thompson.

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WHITE PLAINS, NY -- Westchester Parks Foundation, a nonprofit organization that advocates for Westchester County’s 18,000 acres of parks, trails and open spaces, today announced that Thalle Industries has volunteered to be the sponsor of its anti-graffiti volunteer program, “Graffiti Squad.”

As part of the sponsorship, Thalle industries has agreed to donate $40,000 to the organization, including the purchase of a Ford F-150 pick-up truck to transport equipment to and from cleanup locations, which was unveiled at the press conference today.

“We are thrilled that Thalle Industries has partnered with us to support our graffiti cleanup efforts throughout Westchester County parks,” said Joanne Fernandez, Board Chairperson for Westchester Parks Foundation. “It is our mission to keep our county parks beautiful for all to enjoy, but it takes teamwork to do so. We thank both Thalle Industries and our many volunteers who are helping us keep our parks clean.”

Glenn Pacchiana, President CEO of Thalle Industries, states that “the Pacchiana family are long-time residents of Westchester County and have always been supporters of the environment and organizations dedicated to preserving it. We are proud to support Westchester’s beautiful parks which enrich our living environment and provide recreational spaces for county residents of all ages."

The Graffiti Squad program was formed by Westchester Parks Foundation last year in an effort to remove graffiti at various county parks. During a press conference in White Plains today, dozens of local volunteers gathered to kick off the Graffiti Squad 2017 season by removing vandalism at the Bronx River Reservation walkway bridge at Hamilton Avenue. They applied an eco-friendly coating to the surface that will allow any future graffiti to be wiped away.

“Few things contribute to the exceptional quality of life we enjoy in Westchester quite like our parks system,” Westchester County Executive Robert P. Astorino said. “While Westchester is populated by nearly a million people who feel blessed to call such a place home, we also have those who would deface our public spaces with ugly hate speech. So we are grateful to Westchester Parks Foundation and Thalle Industries for their generous assistance to address this ongoing challenge, and we thank the volunteers who are helping to make it all happen.”

Also during the press conference, Westchester Parks Foundation relaunched its Corporate Volunteer Program, which invites Westchester County businesses to partner with them to preserve the county park system via tailor-made projects for their organization. They can utilize the time and experience to build their team and increase morale while providing a valuable service to the park system.

“Through our Corporate Volunteer Program, groups can choose to have a one-day project, a project that spans a few days, or one that they return to until it is completed,” said Joe Stout, Executive Director of Westchester Parks Foundation. “The volunteer effort and donation goes directly towards preserving and maintaining the restoration projects and keeping our parks beautiful and accessible. This support helps provide a clean, safe environment in our communities while also improving the lives of their employees and customers.”

As the largest and most active organization advocating for the county park system, it is the mission of Westchester Parks Foundation to encourage continued investment in Westchester County’s parks, trails and open spaces. Since its inception in 1977, the nonprofit organization has held close to the notion that it is critical to provide ongoing support for maintenance, civic improvement and access to nature.

To find out how to become a member of the Graffiti Squad or to learn more about the Corporate Volunteer Program, contact Sara Cavanaugh at (914) 231- 4530. For more information about Westchester Parks Foundation, visit